First proper day

We’ve had a big family party this weekend to mark my daughter’s confirmation.  40 people at our house afterwards for a buffet etc and I had to sort it all out as Paul was away with football on Saturday.  Youngest having a big swimming gala didn’t help.  Anyway it all went brilliantly and I had a lovely day, but drank too much wine and champagne which may not be an ideal preparation for the first day of a proper, serious uni course (but may of course be compulsary student behaviour!).

Part of the problem with getting the house and food ready for the party is I’ve done practically no pre-course reading (was it wrong to read a management textbook all the way through the swimming gala?).  I’ve read about half of one book ‘Understanding Organizations’ by Charles Handy as it was all there was in the town library where I work (and yes, I couldn’t find it on the catalogue because of the American spelling!).  It’s really interesting though and I’m boring Paul with it all the time.

One of the things it talks about is how we make snap judgements about people in order that we ‘know’ how to deal with them, and how important it is to give off the right signs and visual clues so that others will compartmentalise us correctly (as we see it) and treat us as we wish to be treated.  Which gave me a problem:  I have three roles to play today:  Rhymetime leader at the town library; professional MA student and bike communter.  The real spanner in the works is the biking bit as when I wear my helmet, trainers and flourescent jacket I can easily give off the signal of wimpy, push-over, mild mannered eco-warrior, and not strong, decisive, focussed student professional.  Also in rhymetime I need to consider the practicalities of sitting down and jumping around with toddlers.  A tricky sartorial conundrum!  And don’t even start me on what bag I should take….

My day starts with biking into the library for some paid work running Rhymetime for ten lovely toddlers and their carers.  I love doing it, but I’m glad when it’s over too!  Then it’s a quick bike across town to the station to catch a train to Manchester.  I get my ID card and now I’m an official student, with the official invoice for my course to prove it.  I decide to check out the library, but my card won’t work and I have to charm my way in.  I browse around the library section of the library then realise I don’t have the booklist with me, so head for the computers to find the booklist.  After ten minutes of looking I can’t find it so settle down to spend an hour or so working through the pre-course workbook for the Web Design bit of the course.  I think I’m really going to enjoy that course.

Then, it’s time, off to my first proper lecture in, oooh, far too many years (13?).  Management is probably the area of the course I feel most intimidated by but the lecture is interesting, but still a bit daunted by ‘reading around’ the subject.  Not sure where to start.

Then it’s off to Designing On-line Learning which I’m hoping, as a former teacher, will be very approachable.  Spent the lecture discussing learning styles, contexts and barriers.  Already have some ideas for my end of unit assessment, but need to give them a lot more thought.

Then train and bike home.  Eating my tea by 7pm and realising how much I’m putting my mum and Paul out dealing with the children when I’m home so late.  Utterly exhausted though so not giving it too much thought!


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