Tuesday 27th September

Up early to take eldest swimming, then into the library.  I’m working in the Archives today and after finishing the e-mails there’s a bit of a lull so have a read through the Financial Times.  I’ve never, ever read it before, but I’m trying to research management issues.  It’s quite a scary paper reading about MBAs and people building networks and pushing through agendas.  It all seems to be such a ‘man’s’ world with one recent MBA graduate talking about how a good golfing handicap is a great aid to business in China.  There was an interview with Michael Porter and his theory of Creating Shared Value which was interesting. 

Had some customers then so had to do some work.  It was good though, because I managed to help a couple of people.  Think I’m beginning to find my way around the archives a bit now.

Home and started writing this blog, which shows just what lengths I’ll go to in putting off doing real work.  At the moment I need it all seems to exciting and interesting and I want to become an expert in everything.  I realise that isn’t possible, but I need to explore enough to find out what I want to specialise in for my dissertation.  Tweeting and its impact on learners seems a really exciting topic, especially how it can raise asperations and academic expectations of teenagers applying to university.  But then how Local Authority libraries are managing the change that comes with huge budget cuts seems interesting too.  I’m sure after tomorrow’s lectures I’ll have another raft of ideas.

Can’t quite believe I’ve been on Havard Business School websites.  The web is a dangerous place though, because when you start linking from page to page you suddenly find you’ve passed two hours and there’s no tea for the children.  I’ve started using Delicious too to store some of the interesting webpages I’ve found. 


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