More new subjects

Before I set off for Uni today I made packed lunches for 4 (Paul made his own as he left really early), a lasagne and had two loads of washing on the line, and I still left the house before 9am!  It’s been a beautiful hot and sunny day today perfect for sitting in lecture theatres…..

Anyway first lecture today was Research and Practice, the first semester is library practice and the second will be research.  Today we were looking at whether we live in an ‘Information Age’ now, what are the signs and how would we know we have moved into a new ‘age’ or not?  Quite interesting but not sure it’s where my main academic interest will lie. 

Had lunch in the park with a guy from our course.  Quite a revelation to have an academic, stimulating grown up conversation over my butties.  We covered everything from dissertation topics to dsylexia and the current situation in public libraries.  Then tried to get into the library, but the gate system still didn’t like my card!  They let me in though and I’ve borrowed some books.

After lunch we had ‘Information Futures’ which is about current issues in the Library and Information Management world.  Pretty bleak really in some ways, but I don’t see my future solely in a public library so I’m not too depressed.  It was encouraging to realise that I already knew a lot of the issues from following ‘Voices for the Library’ on Facebook and Twitter, and I even managed to contribute a couple of things to the lecture.

A short break where I managed to get my student card replaced (hopefully the library will let me in and out now) and then we had ‘Search and Retrieval’ a fascinating subject which is at the core of the information profession: how do we store information and catalogue it so it can be retrieved and how do we get good results from our queries.  A lot of food for thought on the all encompassing nature of Google, but some salient reminders that it isn’t infallable and that we as users need to make our queries understandable to the search engine and then evaluate how reliable the output is. 

On the (packed) train home read a pamphlet about Censorship in Libraries.  A much more subtle subject than I had originally thought.  It also threw up quite a few questions about what is the role of a library professional and how do we eliminate subtle censorship due to our own thoughs and life views from our work. 

Finally arrived home and got to enjoy the results of my early labours as a lovely Lasagne was waiting for me in the oven, even though it was already two-thirds eaten by the rest of the family who were out at football training. 


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