Just when you thought things couldn’t get any more stupid!

Another couple of loads of washing on the line by 8.30am this morning, but this time off to work for 9.15am.  I was supposed to be in the Archive search room all day, but at 9.30am my SLA came in and said the librarian who runs today’s Rhymetime had gone home ill so would I step into the breach!  Rhymetime done and I went for my break where I found a text from my husband to say I’ve been accepted for the London Marathon next year!  Don’t know whether to laugh or cry.  I’ve been applying now for a few years and always said I wanted to do the marathon in 2012 so I’d be running the Olympic course, and I’ll turn 40 just a few days before, but now I’m studying and working too I have no idea how I’ll find the time to run.  You should be careful what you wish for!

A fairly quiet day in the Search Room today meant I could clear a few queries and help a couple of people with their research.  Also meant I could finish reading my censorship book.  Need to e-mail the IT Manager about how and why websites are selected for blocking.  Also need to find out where our book buying policy is. 

After work rushed around to take my daughter to a secondary school open day.  Couldn’t stay long as she had to get to a dancing practice.  I’d spent all lunchtime rushing round looking for a black waistcoat to make a costume for my eldest too (without success). 

Worked through another of the ‘catch up’ papers for the Web Design module I’m starting tomorrow.  It was all making sense until about page 7 of 35 and then my brain started to ache.  Hopefully the lecture tomorrow will be a bit easier to follow. 


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