Web Design day

An early start at the station in order to get to a 9am lecture.  Today is Web Design, my elective choice.  I’ve made a few websites before, but always used Front Page or Dreamweaver and I’m completely self taught so I’m finding I’ve a lot of learning to do to get myself writing well structured, clean HTML!  After the lecture we had an hour in the lab (which turned into two hours) but I managed to write a web page using Notepad and it even had an external CSS.  Finished most of the task and got my code validated, so quite pleased with myself. 

Back to Warrington and into work, on the counter today so busy helping borrowers and shelving.  Got a few more books out from the library too, at least I won’t get fined on overdue books from work!

No time for any great theorising and reading, but have spent the last hour trying to sort out some grouping and lists for my Twitter account and have found and followed a raft of new people connected with MMU, my course, libraries, information management and HTML.  Need to find some more interesting folk to give me good links for my essays.  You can follow me on twitter, I’m DGtherunner. 


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