I thought weekends were for relaxing?

A nice quiet weekend in our household, with Paul away with work, which meant he took youngest to swimming at 6.30am on his way to his conference.  I picked him up at 8.30am, and took him and daughter out to breakfast, before returning her to youth orchestra!  A bit of librarianing at youth orchestra then took youngest to his football match, while phoning home to check eldest was awake and at least claiming to be doing homework.  Left youngest with grandpa, while I picked up daughter and took her to dancing (and relieved to find eldest had got himself there on his bike).  Home and lunch.  Finish church pew and notice sheets then farm shop for veg, craft shop for sequins and church to photocopy sheets before heading back to pick the dancers up!  Phew!!

Then a nice relaxing evening with Strictly and Dr Who, while sticking sequins onto dance costumes and trying to keep half an eye on a HTML/CSS text book.  Hopefully it was the wine that stopped the textbook making sense….

Sunday I got a lie-in, but at a dance competition all afternoon.  The children all danced wonderfully and won their group dances.

Not had much time to consider study and librarianship this weekend (I’ve re-read the CSS textbook and it’s almost making sense), but I’ve finally persuaded Paul to Tweet to his students, and he’s found me a good page about blogging and new media use in education  http://ukedchat.wordpress.com/  which is definitely worth exploring further.

Not done any running yet as been on childcare duties all weekend.  Maybe I’ll start my VLM training tomorrow…


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