Reflecting critically

Today’s lecture in Designing Online Learning focused mainly on how and why we should begin to critically reflect on our studies and professional development.  My first thoughts were to critically reflect on how the ‘online’ part of the learning for my course caused me to waste nearly a whole morning of study time trying to fix software errors so I could read on-line articles, when if I’d just had them on paper I could have read them all!  The fact that I may well not have known about the articles without the on-line reference further complicates the issue, but does give some insight into modern learners impatience with ‘having it all NOW’, which ironically was what the articles were about (in part at least).  The ‘digital native’ v ‘digital immigrant’ arguement does seem to be largely irrelevant as I should be an ‘immigrant’ but often find I use more digital resources than either my peers or those younger than myself.  We must guard about ‘throwing the baby out with the bathwater’ in rushing to new technologies and avoid losing site of what is of educational value and what is mere gimick.

Travelled to Uni from a different station today as I had to pick up the children on my way home.  This caused additional stress as I couldn’t park and thought I might miss my train.  Had to employ all my yoga training to calm myself down. 

At Uni our first lecture was cancelled following the sad announcement that one of our cohort had died suddenly over the weekend.  A sobering reminder of our own mortality.  A few of us went for a coffee and then I disappeared up to the library to try to get my head around which books I should buy, which I should borrow, and which I simply won’t have time to read. 

Then it was back to our critical reflection lecture.  We started with a brief overview of different social media applications and their relative usefulness to learners  (I’ve been busy passing tweeted articles onto Paul and he’s now really getting into Twitter for academics!)  Used my experiences at the dancing competition yesterday as a basis for creating a reflective log and I had to go out to the front to present our groups results.  Strangely I wasn’t nervous as I was confident in our groups work, and thankfully got that feeling verified by the lecturer – we had produced a good reflective piece. 


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