Information Overload

In my quest to become an Information Professional and a guide for others through the mountains of information all around us, I am increasingly finding myself suffering from information overload.  I have so many books to read and every lecturer is bombarding us with interesting articles and websites.  In addition twitter keeps throwing up interesting links to follow.  Its increasingly difficult to not only scan all the documents to discern which are of value to me, but then having to record or make notes of the relevant bits so I can use them for my study. 

Spent the morning introducing myself to the world of on-line journal searching, with some success.  Found an interesting article in the journal, but I’ve only just now clicked on their website which looks useful.  As an interesting aside I am finding I am being a real butterfly, flitting from one website and subject to another, and although I am harvesting lots of intesting stuff, I need to focus a bit more on going deeper into one subject at a time and getting through my current list of questions to pose and subjects to research.  I also found some good stuff about censorship of school libraries in America.

Web Design has eaten out large chunks of my day too with a link to the website of Craig Buckler  He’d given a free tutorial on a website, but stupidly I’ve not bookmarked it and can’t remember how I found it, grrrrrr.  Anyway, spent a while looking at the source code of his site and then the CSS page.  It was very complex, but think I’m beginning to get to grips with CSS being for design and HTML for structure.  I hope that’s right anyway!
Didn’t get as far as I wanted today as got an emergency call to a branch library to work this afternoon.  I took eldest swimming this morning and then did my first training run for VLM.  Only 2 miles and it was such hard work, but I’ve got to start somewhere!

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