Information is power

The first lecture today was mainly about censorship in its many forms and what justifications can be made for it and whether it is ever valid.  Good background for our essay and a lot of food for thought.  I’ve already done some reading around, but not sure what my final decision is, and not sure how to focus my essay as it’s only short – 1500 words, and it’s a huge subject!

After lunch we had Information Futures where I knew quite a bit about the current situation in public libraries from following Voices for the Libraries and Facebook and Twitter updates.  The situation is changing so fast and cuts are being made so drastically that it is hard to keep up with developments. 

Finally we had Search and Retrieval which is a fascinating subject and one I’m very interested in, but as the 5th hour in a hot stuffy lecture room it was hard to keep fully focussed.  A nice overview of the way information retrieval systems have evolved.  We discussed some more whether Google is always best.  Again, I’m not sure of my decision, maybe I should just Google it….


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