VLM training

I completed my 2nd training run for VLM today.  Went a bit further than I intended and ended up running 3.4 miles, but it felt good, even in the horizontal, torrential rain!  It was only showers though so didn’t get wet all the time.  No hip pain afterwards too, which is a big boost.  Just repeat x8 and I’ll have finished the marathon.  Paul is running his marathon on Sunday and I think he’s getting a bit nervous, he won’t admit it though.

A number of our assessed coursework pieces are going to be in the form of blogs.  I read something yesterday about ‘Digital Natives’ blogging before it was called blogging and then remembered that I kept an on-line diary of my training for my first ever 5km race back in 2002 and when eldest was little we had his ‘diary’ on my first website way back in 2000.

Steve Jobs, Apple founder and general technological, design and marketing genius died today.  His Stanford address http://news.stanford.edu/news/2005/june15/jobs-061505.html has been doing the rounds on twitter and facebook.  A truly life-affirming piece and helped eldest to realise that the taunting of others at school shouldn’t put him off being the person he wants to be.  Just hope he can hold onto that and the he doesn’t let the bastards get him down.

Not got as much study done today as planned, although I’ve been butterflying around various websites.  Spent quite a long time on W3C website trying to get my head around accessibility and design.  The coursework brief has gone up on line tonight and actually felt quite ill when I read it.  Every other assignment I’ve thought is approachable and I’ve known how to begin work on it, but this one….


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