Breaking resolutions.

Week one of my pre-marathon training and I’ve already missed a session.
Week two of my blog and I’ve already missed three entries.
Week three of my course and I’m already behind with my reading.

What does this say?  That I’ve been slacking off, or that I’ve taken on too much?  I suspect the latter, but if I keep telling myself it’s the former, I still feel I have some contol over working harder and getting it all done!

So what’s happened since my last blog?  Friday was Web Design day at Uni and we were set our coursework.  It seems like such a huge task, even when they break it down.  I think it’s comments like ‘Just learn Dreamweaver in your spare time…’ that freak me out – I don’t have any spare time!!  I’d wimped out of biking to the station because of wind and rain, and thankfully Paul was around to take me and pick me up. 

Over lunch we were discussing Paul using his Twitter feed to inspire students to wider reading.  We both got pretty fired up to research if it works, so I e-mailed my tutor and saw her on Monday to discuss setting up some data collection on how (or if) the twitter feed inspires the students and makes them think and read any more widely around the subject following twitter updates.  So that’s another job to do!

The weekend was pretty intense too football, youth orchestra and dance on Saturday and on Sunday Paul ran the Liverpool Marathon.  It was his first marathon and for the first time ever before a race he was nervous.  He went with friends and I drove the children over later so we could cheer him on.  We saw him first at about 14 miles and he was feeling really good and doing a really good time, which meant we were quite worried when he hadn’t got to the finish when we expected.  He did make it though, in a very good time of 4:22.  He was in so much pain though at the end.  Quite worried now as the next marathon in this family will be me at the VLM!

Monday came round too soon and I was back in work running Rhymetime.  Three new families this week which is really good news as our numbers were getting quite low.  A pretty tense day in work as the new re-structure document was published today. 

Into uni and saw Manchester at it’s best in the pouring rain, especially as we all got thrown out of the library when the fire alarm went off!  The fire alarm upset all my plans and I didn’t get half the stuff done I wanted to.  The Management lecture was changed to one about Marketing which was interesting, but mostly common sense.  Not sure how libraries can market themselves effectivly with no budget.  We discussed how libraries currently market themselves, but it was often only to people who already visit libraries.  How to reach non-users will take some creative thinking.  I’ll add it to my list.

Still no running done.


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