Web site woes

At least it’s stopped raining today so I got some washing dry, got to keep looking for the postives I have actually achieved each day!

Yesterday in Uni was another full on day of lectures.  More on Freedom of Information and Freedom of Expression in the morning, including a chance to discuss how much of a censor we felt we were in groups.  It was good to be able to debate and hear other points of view, although it seemed in our group we were all fairly liberal, but wanted some sort of protection for children and vunerable people, but we weren’t sure how to achieve that protection without causing scandal and thereby creating greater interest.

Information Futures was about social media, all of which I already use, but at least in the practical session I was able to update my LinkedIn page.  It seems I’m one of the minority of the group who are really pro social media.

Finally we had Search and Retrieval which is just hard work, trying to get my head around complex databases and search terms.  Trying to frame some Boolean search terms for the query ‘Emergency medicine for illegal immigrants’ was fun.

Train was on time and the right length tonight so got a seat and read a bit more of ‘The Library in the 21st Century’.  Blackberry network is down again for the 2nd day running so didn’t really have much choice!

Went for a run tonight in the gym while daughter was at Guides.  2.7 miles which I was pleased with, but it’s made my hip hurt again.  Wondering now if it will ever sort itself out for me to run at all, never mind do 26.2 miles.  Very fed up.

Today I’ve read some more of the ‘Web Standardistas’ Book.  Its very good, and I really think I’m getting my head around the concepts, but when I come to try them out practically it seems to take so long to get everything right. 

Worked at a branch library this afternoon, then off to take daughter to another school open evening.  Spoke to the librarian there and she’s happy for me to go in and talk to her about school libraries though.


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