Its all getting too much.

Friday was Web Design again.  The first assignment is fairly straightforward, but it’s just so much work.  There were just two Post-grads there today and while we support each other pretty well, I am feeling abit out on a limb.  I’m enjoying the learning and project, but it just feels like such a big mountain to climb to keep up with the technical elements of CSS and HTML, and I’ve not even started on Dreamweaver yet.

Friday afternoon I had big plans for doing lots of work, but I started doing the church pew sheets and then got a message from the vicar which meant I had to redesign the sheet in publisher and then spent the evening doing 150 copies of a 4 sided booklet on the poor little, slow copier at church.  I worked all day Saturday and was exhausted by the evening as we were really busy, which is a good sign really.  Lots of stress and worry at work too about the restructure.  At least I’m past that now as casual staff can’t apply for the jobs.

Today I got up and was out for a run by 8am.  Only 3 miles again, but at least my hip didn’t hurt.  Looks like I’ll have to avoid treadmills though, which is a pain in the winter.  Then Harvest Festival at church and I was  serving the tea and coffee to 70+ people.

This afternoon we went to see Paul’s sister.  She is training to be a dyslexic teacher and assessor and she wanted to test eldest son.  I took a load of work with me, but I was too tired to focus properly.  It turns out eldest is quite clearly dyslexic.  Non-verbal skills, off the scale, Verbal skills 20 points below average.  Not sure quite what this means as he’s already coping very well.  We just need to work out how best to support him going forward towards GCSE’s in a few years.  Really not sure how I feel about it all as he had a lot of problems in primary school and I feel guilty that I should have handled things better.

Feeling a bit tearful and overwhelmed all day really.


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