Battle of the blogs

Well, WordPress has won the battle of the blogs, mainly due to there being a WordPress app for Blackberry so I can blog on the go and therefore there is much more chance of me actually doing some blogging!  On top of that we now have to use Blogger for an assignment at uni, so I’m moving all the personal stuff here.

There is so much going on in my life at the moment, studying is going well, but the pressure really stacks up this term, running, which is going well too, but the long runs really start to pick up now, working, quite a bit, but I’m also starting work experience at the RNCM which will cut down on the time I can spend working for cash!  I’m also trying to follow the Code Academy programme and of course the children are as busy and active as ever.  Hopefully I’ll be blogging it all here from now on!


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