Running update

The marathon is just 15 weeks away now and training is going well.

All my initial attempts at pre-marathon training kept spluttering out – a lost contact lens, a horrid cold, work, all conspired to stop me doing more than occasional runs. I wasn’t even getting swimming or biking to work.

With Christmas looming and the 18 weeks plan start date almost upon me, I got out for a couple of 5 mile runs and decided to call that Week 1 of the plan and do the 8 mile long run too. This gives me an extra week in the plan for any unforseen circumstances!

I’ve been pretty good over Christmas completing a further two 10 mile long runs and a 12 miler. I’ve done most of the 5 milers too, although a recurrance of hip pain last week meant cross training for one session and cutting another a bit short.

Now I’m back at uni and the children’s clubs are all on I’ve got to keep up the momentum. 5 miles in the cold drizzle today after a long day at uni and before my tea will suitably test my resolve!


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