No running at the moment

Finally saw the physio yesterday (Edge Hill’s final year student clinic – highly recommended and only £5).  It was actually quite hard to make the hip hurt in the clinic, but eventually managed it! I have to keep off running, but I can cross-train with non-impact stuff as it’s clearly the impact of running that’s causing the problem.  He also massaged my leg as all the muscles were ‘very tight’ and that may well be causing or exacerbating the problem.  I have to apply heat and then do some stretches too.  The heat seems to make my hip hurt more though which is a bit odd.

I have to go back next week when hopefully I’ll get the go ahead to run a bit again.

This is causing another dilemma – do I book hotel accomodation or not?  There’s still stuff about at the moment, but how late do I dare leave it?


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