A step in the right direction

Saw the physio again at Edge Hill. Had a lady physio today who identified that my ITB (can’t recall what the initials stand for, but a muscle that runs up the side of your leg from knee to hip) was really tight and inflamed at the hip end. She gave it some serious pummelling, as well as having a good go at my hamstrings.

The tutor came in at the end and did a bit of an assessment too. He said I should try a little run before I go back next week, about 3-4 miles, but I’ve should stop as soon as it hurts. Quite proud that he said I was a typical athlete for running through pain before. The physio called me an athlete!

Only a small step forward, but hopefully there is still time to get training back on track for the marathon.

Tonight however it just hurts, so I’m back to applying ice.


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