libday8 day 2

A slightly less hectic day to today and up at the more acceptable time of 6.30am. Lunches made, bags packed for the day and I’m off biking to the station. My bike is working much better today, amazing what a bit of oil can do.

Today is my favourite day as I do a work placement at the Royal Northern College of Music library. The possibility of this placement was one of the reasons I chose the MMU course, and I’m loving my time at RNCM.

Today I was shadowing Sarah who has a very varied role. She chases overdue books and music, catalogues audio-visual material, produces all the libraries statistics, timetables the staff on counter and deals with technical system stuff. She likes her role as it is so varied, but she needs to keep her ‘to do’ list up to date.

One of her current roles is starting to timetable final year students to have meetings with a senior member of library staff to discuss requirements for their final recitals. All music is needed twice – once for performers and once for the examiners, which makes it a very busy time for the library who have to source music either by buying copies, or arranging officially sanctioned photocopies if music is in copyright, but out of print. A role that is quite specific to a conservatoire library.

I catalogued a couple of Opera DVDs, reacquainting myself with the keyboard shortcuts for foreign characters which I used to use all the time when I worked for the record label Naxos and prepared contracts for foreign opera singers.

Over coffee we discussed the issue of attitudes to the library and information literacy among music students who see themselves primarily as performers. The library are happy to support me in doing some research in this area which means I finally have a dissertation topic that I’m really happy with.

After lunch I continued with my project of cataloguing journal articles in books of articles about different composers and then adding them to the main book entry.

Train and bike home to be met with reports on the family visit to the dentist and an update on the poorly car (half better now, needs another operation on Thursday). Then Paul and eldest are off to football, while I supervise reading and violin practice with the younger two. Some household tasks, washing and bill paying, including £400 to various schools for various trips and tuition for the children.  Next I send an e-mail out to the mailing list of local teachers who support Fairtrade in their schools telling them about a competition and other events in Warrington for Fairtrade Fortnight.  Normally I write the newsletter and co-ordinate the competition, but I’ve had to take a back seat this year.  Finally I sit down to finish writing my blog about Monday (only a day late). It’s after midnight by the time I get to bed.


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