#libday8 Day 3

Once again I start the day on a train, but no bike today as I need to travel to Edge Hill later and deliver a Fairtrade ‘Sale or Return’ stall back to Warrington market so I drove to the station.

Uni this morning was a Research Methods lecture.  They are proving quite useful and we are being pushed to submit our initial research questions and ideas for study.  I have mine all ready to go, just need to get round to writing the e-mail.  Treated myself to a Fairtrade coffee and muffin in the break – a steal at £1.99 in the uni Bistro.

This afternoon should have been Information Futures: a practical session on creating digital libraries followed by Search and Retrieval, but I had a physio appointment so I left at lunchtime.

In Warrington I returned the Fairtrade stall and then dashed to the local fabric shop to buy a pattern for a waistcoat and some fabric for a dance costume, but the shop is rubbish and didn’t stock anything I needed.

Had a lovely drive up to Edge Hill University as, although it’s cold, the sun has been out today.  I go there because they have a student run sports injury clinic and it’s just £5 for a consultation.  Paul lectures at Edge Hill and they’ve sorted out quite a few running injuries for him.  Unfortunately my hip is not behaving at all after my little test run on Sunday it appears I’m back to square one, and I’m not to run for probably 2 – 3 weeks.  This week I’ve even got to slow down my walking and try to avoid as much running/walking impact as possible.  Biking and swimming are OK, but with dashing from station to lectures, most lectures on the third floor and the majority of my time at work being on my feet it won’t be easy.  The tutor physio said I shouldn’t defer from the London Marathon yet, but my gut feeling is that I won’t make the start line this year.  Pretty gutted tonight.

Drove from Edge Hill to take over from my mum on child taxi duty – youngest swims and my daughter has a violin lesson at the same time.  Home, cook tea, daughter to Guides and I lie on the couch feeling sorry for myself.  Now transferring dance videos to the computer and writing up my blog, trying to avoid doing uni work.

I had another paragraph here, but it was a bit controversial and could get me into trouble, so I’ve not published it.  I’m reasonably confident only my Mum and husband read this, but better safe than sorry!


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