Slowing down (just means I’m always late) libday8 day 4

Back at the station at 7.15am this morning, but only to drop Paul off as I’m not on a train today.  It was -5 degrees at that time so I was quite glad that I wasn’t on my bike today.  The car had to go back to the garage so I drove there and walked on into town to work.  I had to keep reminding myself to slow my walking down, but it’s hard when it’s so flipping cold!  So of course I was a couple of minutes late for work. 

Work today was data entering from a survey the library has been running.  It’s very repetitive work and quite dull, but at least it gives me an insight into how easily people can misunderstand questionnaires, and how the lack of a ‘not applicable’ box can lead to people interpreting  the ‘neither good nor bad’ box as ‘doesn’t affect me’.  Hopefully this will help me if I have to design any questionnaires for my dissertation research.  I certainly recommend data entering from a big survey as pre-research for anyone designing questionnaires!  It is also good to see how positive people are about libraries and how much they value the services they offer. 

A lot of media attention is building towards National Libraries Day on Saturday with a big piece on Channel 4 news tonight and Chris Evans promoting the day on his Radio 2 show. 

I was hoping to pick the car up on my way home, but the garage can’t work out what is causing the funny noise so it’s not ready yet.  I had to catch the bus home, but as I’m walking slowly I was late getting to the bus stop, which meant I was late collecting the children to take to dancing and swimming and therefore I was late picking Paul up from the station.  While youngest swam I went in the gym and did 30mins on the cross trainer (cross training is OK too as it’s low impact), but I can’t get any enthusiasm for it at all.  I’ve iced and stretched my hip lots today and I’ve made a huge effort to go slow.  Hopefully it will bring some improvement.

Lost a bit of umph all round really.  Trying to get up some enthusiasm for doing some uni work, but lying on the couch reading War Horse sounds so much more appealing.



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