#libday8 5

-7 today when I left the house at 7.30am, but it’s been a beautiful sunny day and the countryside on my train journey to Manchester looked gorgeous in the rosy glow of the sunrise, even through the grimy carriage windows.

Today is my Web Site Design lecture.  I really enjoy this part of my course and spend a disproportionate amount of time on it.  I’ve been creating personal websites for over ten years, but this course has really helped me hone my CSS and HTML skills and given me the courage to attempt Code Academy (which reminds me I haven’t done this weeks lesson).  I have an interim assignement due next week when I have to submit the ‘wireframe’ of my site for a (fictional) conference centre.  I had planned to pretty much wrap it up in lab time after the lecture, but a pesky border on a linked image which refused to go away ended up taking most of my time.  Sorted it in the end, and helped a fellow student too.

My train back to Warrington was a nice warm express, so had an hour to get my lunch before work.  I had an e-mail today to say I haven’t been selected for interview for the Manchester Cathedral job, so treated myself to some new boots to cheer myself up.  In fact treated myself to two pairs as it was ‘Buy 1 Get 1 Free’ in the tail end of the Deichmann sale, and having found one pair I loved, it would have been rude not to.

Back in the library office today to continue data entering.  Then home to collect the car which still isn’t sorted, despite us having spent £250 so far.  They now suspect the alternator, which will be several hundred pounds more.

Paul picked me up from the library and took me to the garage.  He was a bit late though as he has cut his finger slicing carrots with a mandolin.  It is quite a bad cut and when it hadn’t stopped bleeding two hours later I took him to A&E where he was patched up and given a tetanus shot.

This meant I took daughter and friend to their swimming club instead of doing the shopping so we have no bread or milk.  I decided the best course of action was to have my first alcohol of the year.

Don’t forget tomorrow is National Libraries Day and you should all get down to your local library, particularly if your local library is Warrington central as an especially wonderful library assistant will be there (of course all the other assistants are equally lovely too), and we’re all ready to help.  Why not come along and see just how many services we offer?  Family history (free access to Find my Past on all the computers), local history, use the computers, send a fax, read a newspaper or find a book – we don’t just have fiction for adults, children and teenagers, large print and audiobooks but books about business, careers, art, crafts, building, house and home design, science, maths, astronomy, environment, politics, computers, gardening, sport, languages (including language courses on CD and tape), sociology, teaching, economics, history, travel, car manuals, sheet music, film and TV and lots more.  Hope to see you there!


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