#libday8 National Libraries Day

After last night’s excitement Paul decided not to get up and take youngest to early morning swimming so we had a huge lie-in until 8am!  I was working in the town library today, but uncertainty over whether it would snow or not meant a dilemma over how to travel into town.  I opted for the car in the end as it’s easier to park at weekends.

It’s National Libraries Day today and although there were no specific events today in the central library there have been author visits and other things going on all week.  The library did seem quite busy today, especially given the horrible weather, although I didn’t hear anyone say they had come in because of publicity for the day.

Busy on counter all day dealing with lots of different queries, helping people find specific books, advising people about how to use the on-line facilities, helping people scan documents to the computers and joining and re-joining quite a few people.  No particular stand out queries today, but know that I helped a lot of people and that is always a perk of the job.

When I came home at 4pm I had to scrape the hail off the car as it had frozen into a solid sheet and there were icicles over the wheel arches.  At least we have escaped the snow that a lot of the country has, but the roads are still dangerous.

Spent a while trying to download an e-library book to my Blackberry this evening – a new service from Warrington library.  Everything went well and the book downloaded fine, but when I try to view it I just get the white screen of death.  I suspect my Blackberry is the problem.

After tea I realised I hadn’t put together the pew sheets which will have to be copied tomorrow morning before the service.  I was getting them together, but a website I need has crashed.  Looks like another early start tomorrow.


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