End of the week

Well, the library libday8 ‘Week in the life’ project finished yesterday, but I’ve decided to blog today so that I’ve finished my complete ‘week in my life’.

Woke up at 8am this morning to thick fog in addition to a layer of ice so I was in no rush to get to church to copy the pew sheets.  I spent a while icing my hip and ended up going down to church at 9.30am which is later than I would have liked.  I’d just finished the copying when I noticed the wrong date was on the sheet and on closer inspection I realised I’d printed out the wrong sheet at 11pm last night and I’d just photocopied it double sided 50 times.  Had to dash home to print out the correct one and then dash back to copy it.  I was already in a tizz about the amount of work I need to get done today and this was the last straw.

Paul took the children to church, but I didn’t go to the service.  Instead I caught up on some uni related e-mails and got on with my Web Site Design project which needs to be submitted on Friday.  I finished the home page design, colour choices etc this morning and this afternoon I’ve created the other 10 pages (only a framework, the content is for the next submission) and made sure all the links work.

In between the children had helped Paul to clean the kitchen and do the washing up, but some of the really greasy stuff had defeated them (and Paul can’t help with his bandaged finger) so finished that.  Then I finished reading a systems analysis text book.  Think I’ve got a broad outline of what I want to say in that essay now, just need to find some more sources.

Paul cooked a lovely roast chicken dinner and the children made cakes.  I’m so blessed really.

About 8pm I finished the coding for the Web Design work, so I’ve just got to write a schedule for completing the project before submitting on Friday (and checking all the links work when I upload it at uni).  Off to have a bath and an early night before Monday morning and a 4.30am wake up for youngest’s swimming club sets the week off again.


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