Guess I’ll be running the 2013 London Marathon then :-(

Another visit to the physio today.  I’ve only done one three mile run in the past four weeks, so already knew the chances of getting enough training for the marathon were slim, but the hip really hasn’t responded to treatment yet.  I’ve had ultrasound and some more massage today and although it does seem to have helped, I’ve got to be realistic and accept that even if I could start running tomorrow (which I can’t) I’m going to have to build up very slowly to prevent re-injuring the hip and I simply haven’t got time to get the long runs in.  With work placement all next week, and group projects at uni on Wednesdays and working on Thursday the week after it’s going to be three weeks before I can get back for more physio and ultrasound.

So I better start finding out how to defer.  I will do the London Marathon next year.  Just need some form of goal for later on this year, possibly Liverpool Marathon?

I feel bad for the people who have already sponsored me though.  I’ll contact them to see what they want to do, but hopefully I can just carry it forward to next year.


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