RNCM Day 6

Today I spent the morning shadowing two more members of staff, Nigel who purchases and processes audio-visual items and Mimi who processes reservations.

The AV system is fairly similar to the book and music purchasing, except most things are purchased from one supplier.  Again a lot of things are purchased from student and staff requests, but the college has also benefitted from a number of donations of CDs from musicians.  I processed a few of these donations onto the catalogue to see how the processing of CDs is done.  Nigel only adds a brief catalogue record and Sarah does the full cataloguing in due course, but as it can take a while for the full record to be done it’s still important to add a meaningful entry to the catalogue so students can find the CD straight away.

After a break Mimi showed me the reservation process.  This is quite similar to the process we have at the public library where I work, except we probably spend much more of our time at Warrington processing reservations as so much stock is requested to and from branch libraries.

I spent my lunchtime photographing the Geoffrey Manton building at MMU for my Web Design project and reading a SSADM textbook.  My coursework and it’s deadlines are never far from my mind.

After lunch I continued with my project of cataloguing the Early Printed Music archive.  It’s an interesting project.  I catalogued a couple of little known works today by Peter Benoit and Julius Benedict, complete with inscriptions from the composers to Sir Charles Hallé.  Hopefully if I’ve added them to the catalogue properly other people will be able to discovere them too.


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