RNCM Day 7

I’ve spent most of today getting on with my cataloguing project. My most interesting find today was some early editions of Corelli Trio Sonatas which had belonged to Chester Library (with wonderful old library rules plates in the front) and which had apparently been rescued from a skip by a beady eyed librarian.

I spent a couple of hours on the counter dealing with the students. The hardest thing is I keep forgetting to unset the security tags so the alarms keep going off, it’s one of the major differences from being on counter at Warrington. Sarah went through cataloguing CDs in lulls at the counter. I’m beginning to get more confident at some of the cataloguing now, but still struggle to remember punctuation and indicators. I’m so glad I have some practical experience of cataloguing to put on my CV.

One advantage of working the full week is meeting all the staff who work part-time through the week. Today I met Doug and Alison for the first time. Alison and I got on really well and found we had lots in common as we both have several children and run!

Mum and Dad took the children to Liverpool World Museum today and then Mum cooked tea for us as Paul is away in Bath with work.  We stayed on a bit and played an old game the children had found, although they were a bit tired to finish it.


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