RNCM Days 8 & 9

Didn’t get round to blogging last night as we had promised to take Mum and Dad out to thank them for having the children this week, however all three restaurants we tried had an hours wait to be seated, so we came home and had a chinese instead!  Ended up being a bit late though.

Day 8 began with further project work until break time when I had another session with Geoff learning about the on-line resources the library subscribes to such as Grove on-line, Jstor and ProQuest.  On-line access is a bit different at RNCM to MMU as each student at RNCM has an individual log-in with Athens, whereas at MMU, being a much bigger institution everything is much more automated and all done through Shibboleth with the students library log-in.  However, the MyAthens homepage did seem to have a lot of useful features.

After lunch Kelly showed me the Inter-library loan system.  This is an area of library work which I have never been involved with either as customer or librarian so it was interesting to see the process.  She showed me ordering both music, books and journals as well as the receiving process as 140 parts of 3 different choral works had just arrived from 4 different libraries and they all needed to be checked and processed ready to be collected by the choir members.

The final part of the day was spent with Doug seeing how he creates resources for the students by recording TV programmes under a special educational license.

Day 9 was spent working on my cataloguing project.  Mostly early editions of Gluck operas and Handel Oratorios today.  Most of the pieces are quite straightforward and the records can be copied from the British Library, but a couple today took quite a bit of investigation to catalogue, especially some extracts from Cherubini’s Medea which were bound into the back of one of the Gluck operas and which didn’t have a title page or publisher information.

I’ve really enjoyed my week at the RNCM.  I’ve seen so many aspects of librarianship that are transferable to any library such as cataloguing, inter-library loans and acquisitions as well as much that is specific to music librarianship.  I would love to work in a music library, but the jobs are few and far between.  I will just have to keep my eyes open.  I’m back at the RNCM in a couple of weeks for a few more days of placement though.


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