Fed up

This January I’ve been on a bit of a health kick – cutting out alcohol, counting calories and making sure I get to the gym regularly.  A change of job to one that’s more desk bound, not being able to run and Christmas has meant my weight had crept up to a level I wasn’t happy with.  Anyway the fantastic new is so far I’ve lost 700g.  Couldn’t be more fed up.

To compound my misery I’ve also tried a little run.  The hip muscles have all felt so much better that I’ve barely noticed any pain, so I thought it would be safe to try a tiny run. I warmed up on the bike and then walking on the treadmill, before putting the speed up to a gentle jog. Within minutes I could feel the muscles tightening up just like old times.  Almost convinced I won’t be able to run again.

The only bright spot is that I finished level 1 of my push up program.  42 tonight over 5 sets including two sets of 10!  I won’t mention the sharp pain deep on my abs….


Bored of the bike

Another 30 minutes tonight on the static bike.  It bores me stupid! 

The hip muscles feel so much better, just a bit of a twinge on my ITB, so I considered a run, despite not having the all clear from the physio. I was saved by a busy gum with no spare treadmills, and snow and ice prevented me considering running outside!  So 10.6 miles on the bike and managed to up the intensity (it’s still pathetically low). 

I am keeping up with my push up program though. 34 tonight, split between 5 sets.

I need to run though.  Truly bored of eating lettuce to try and lose weight!

Thursday update

Managed 13.2 miles on the bike at the gym tonight. Still keep the resistance minimal, but the rpm high.  Felt much easier, even though was 40 mins not 30.  Hip area muscles are much less hurry, but can feel they’re not right when I’m stretching.

Spinning away

After the disaster with the cross trainer, for my last 2 gym sessions I’ve been on the exercise bike, practically no resistance, but trying to keep rpm over 100. I’ve done 10 miles in 30 mins twice now and not noticed any new complaints from the piriformis (it still hurts, but certainly no worse).  At least I can raise a sweat this way!  This mornings session was hard, mainly because of the 5.30am start!

I’ve also started keeping a food diary as I’ve piled on a few pounds over Christmas. This didn’t happen when I was doing 12 mile runs last year!  It’s a bit of a pain adding up your own recipes, even though the app I’m using (my fitness pal) is very good. It’s also enlightening how small the ‘portion’ sizes are that are listed on the size of packets. 

First gym session of the year

Last night I went to the gym for the first time this year.  I followed the physio’s orders and didn’t run, instead I did 30 mins on the cross trainer. I felt a twinge in my hip area early on so eased off the speed and intensity which made the workout very dull.  Then did 20 mins on the bike where I finally broke a sweat and remained pain free.

I knew the acid test would be how tight the muscles were today and the depressing answer is very tight and sore, despite stretching and rolling lots.

New Year, New Running (or not)

So the blog didn’t get very far last year with marathon training deferred due to the injured hip.  Nothing seemed to help and a mid year kill or cure return to gentle training didn’t get anywhere either. I recommenced physio in September and was told to stop doing anything that made the hip hurt (especially running). 

Slowly the physio’s have unknotted various muscles: ITB, glutes, lower back until they finally reached the piriformis – a muscle deep in the buttocks.  Googling piriformis stretches over Christmas I came across something called Piriformis Syndrome where a tight piriformis pushes on the sciatic nerve and causes all sorts of pains in the hip and buttock area.  The symptoms seem to chime with lots of mine and would explain why physio’s have struggled to locate the source of my pain in the clinic especially as I’d added soany layers of knotted muscle!

Treatment at home involves the  stretches already prescribed by the physio and also using a tennis ball to massage the area. 

I’m hoping something works soon as time is running out to train for the marathon. I can’t defer my place again so it’s a case now of do it or don’t. But I doubt I’ll get another shot at London.  I’m already resigned to the fact that it will be a run walk marathon and not the well trained for time I’d hoped for.