New Year, New Running (or not)

So the blog didn’t get very far last year with marathon training deferred due to the injured hip.  Nothing seemed to help and a mid year kill or cure return to gentle training didn’t get anywhere either. I recommenced physio in September and was told to stop doing anything that made the hip hurt (especially running). 

Slowly the physio’s have unknotted various muscles: ITB, glutes, lower back until they finally reached the piriformis – a muscle deep in the buttocks.  Googling piriformis stretches over Christmas I came across something called Piriformis Syndrome where a tight piriformis pushes on the sciatic nerve and causes all sorts of pains in the hip and buttock area.  The symptoms seem to chime with lots of mine and would explain why physio’s have struggled to locate the source of my pain in the clinic especially as I’d added soany layers of knotted muscle!

Treatment at home involves the  stretches already prescribed by the physio and also using a tennis ball to massage the area. 

I’m hoping something works soon as time is running out to train for the marathon. I can’t defer my place again so it’s a case now of do it or don’t. But I doubt I’ll get another shot at London.  I’m already resigned to the fact that it will be a run walk marathon and not the well trained for time I’d hoped for.


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