Back to running

I’m going to change the tone of this blog back to running for a while.  I’ve signed up to do the English Half Marathon on 21st September as part of a team from work.  LiveWire are supporting the run this year and so wanted to have some runners involved.

I’ve not done a race since I had to give up training for the 2012 London marathon.  I injured my hip and had to stop training after completing a 13 mile long run.  The last actual race I did was a 10k in 2010, so getting back into serious training is a bit of a shock to the system.

It’s taken a long time, a lot of physio and stretching to be able to run for more than about 25 minutes without my hip locking up.  Yoga stretches have proved particularly helpful and I try to do them evrey day, or at least after every run.  I’ve been building up my running all this year and did my first hour long run a couple of weeks ago.  My running is also quite hit and miss as children’s activities, work and life in general keep getting in the way of any disciplined training.  I’m going to try blogging as a way of keeping me on track.

This week I have managed two runs:

30 minutes on a treadmill at 6am on Thursday while youngest was doing swim training.  Had to start really slowly as I’ve not done any exercise for two weeks, but managed to keep bumping the speed up.

1hr 20 minutes on Saturday morning.  This was only supposed to be an hour, but I thought Warburton bridge would be about half an hour and around 3 miles away from the swimming pool (yes, early morning training again) but it turned out to be nearer 3.5 miles and 40 minutes away.  Again, I started slowly and picked up pace, so should have managed a negative split if my knee hadn’t started to hurt a mile from getting back to the pool.  Had to do the last mile run/walk.  Quite achy by the evening, but hopefully nothing too serious with the knee.

I need to find me a half marathon plan and stick to it.