Week 3

A bit late with the week 3 update. A broken phone means I’ve not had as much web time as usual, but I’m back now with a shiny new Samsung.

Youngest hasn’t been swimming as much recently due to end of Primary School activities and now training is stepping down for the summer, so I’m missing quite a few of my regular run times. Week 3 was a really hot week and I only managed two mid week runs. The first was in the gym (air conditioning won over 27 degrees and full sun). With a bit of stopping and starting to overcome the 30 minute cut off on the treadmills, I ran the 3.5 miles from the schedule in a tiny smidge over 30 minutes.

The second was on Friday and I did run outside in the 28 degree heat and full sun. Got my husband to drop me 3 miles from home and I ran back. It was a hot run, but felt good and I got home in 30 minutes.

On the back of this success I got up on Saturday and did my first ever Parkrun. I even persuaded the two boys to join me. Eldest had a great race. On no training and wearing football trainers he did 23.17 for the 5km. Youngest decided he’s more of a swimmer than a runner and was walking when I caught him up at 3km. I slowed down to coax him round and then he tried to out sprint me for the line! We crossed the line together, but unfortunately the timing equipment broke so we didnt get an official time. I think we came in at around 31:30.


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