Race day

I woke up to a 6am which meant I had time to get in some last minute stretching on the hurty hip, as well as making sure I got some breakfast.

We arrived at Victoria Park just after 7am, but we’d missed the bus my daughter should have been on to help on a water station with her Guides, so Paul had to negotiate the road closures to take her.

Carrying tables to the LiveWire tent served as a warm up and all too soon it was time for the off.

Ready for the off.

Ready for the off.

The start was delayed a bit, but at 9.20am we were off.

The race went remarkably well.  I managed to keep a fairly even pace of around 10.15 minute miles, and even managed several sub 10 miles on the downhills.  As I knew I wasn’t ever going to be challenging for the lead, I started well down the field.  I think this helped as it meant I was passing people most of the way round – always a little boost. The sun was shining and the lovely countryside for most of the course meant I ran with a smile on my face most of the way!

My splits:

Mile Pace Elapsed time
1.0 mi 09:52 min/mi 00:09:50
2.0 mi 10:27 min/mi 00:10:23
3.0 mi 10:09 min/mi 00:10:06
4.0 mi 10:30 min/mi 00:10:23
5.0 mi 09:54 min/mi 00:09:54
6.0 mi 09:58 min/mi 00:09:53
7.0 mi 10:09 min/mi 00:10:05
8.0 mi 10:04 min/mi 00:10:02
9.0 mi 10:11 min/mi 00:10:06
10.0 mi 09:46 min/mi 00:09:42
11.0 mi 09:38 min/mi 00:09:34
12.0 mi 09:54 min/mi 00:09:51
13.0 mi 09:54 min/mi 00:09:50
13.3 mi 09:09 min/mi 00:02:57

The support on the course was fab.  My mum was on the bridge at the start and the end, another friend was halfway and I heard my daughter loudly cheering everyone on from her water station long before I saw her!

My daughter, one of the fab volunteers

My daughter, one of the fab volunteers

Paul popped up several times around the course and at 10 miles remembered I’d left jelly babies with him and helped me and several other runners on with them.

The last mile and a half were really hard especially after seeing a bloke stretchered off in a bad way as I turned into the park.   As I turned into Victoria Park I felt my hip go, but managed to grit my teeth for the last half a mile.

In the final straight on the track I heard my mate Laura screaming for me and managed a bit of a sprint and to finish with my arms aloft.

Crossing the line

Crossing the line

I was over the moon with my chip time of 2:13:30.  A pb for the course and much faster than anticipated.

With my medal

With my medal

I managed to get a post race massage from  physio station and Paul and my son got last minute places in the LiveWire mile.

LiveWire milers

LiveWire milers

I could barely walk by the evening, but still had a smile on my face from a race well run.

Great organisation and a great spirit all through the race.  Thanks to all the organisers and volunteers.

While I was training for the half, we found out that the daughter of one of the managers at work was suffering from a brain tumour and needed treatment in the USA.  As we were running for LiveWire we decided to raise money for the fund set up to support her and her family “Erin Grace Whatever it Takes”.  I’ve been amazed by people’s generosity and so far I’ve raised nearly £150.



This week started well with a 5 miler along the banks of the Mersey.


The Mersey looking lovely. Am I still in Warrington?


Ah yes, still in Warrington.

Thursday saw 9 fast intervals in the gym and 4.5 miles covered before work while youngest swam.

On Saturday I completed a Parkrun in just over 30 minutes.

On Sunday I set out for my long run.  My son came with me on his bike this week and we took the route up Sankey Valley Park to Newton.   In the first mile I tripped over some abandoned wire and immediately felt my hip tense.   I seemed to run it off, but by 6 miles my hip was hurting.   Made it home and ran all the way, but in lots of pain and hobbling by the evening. 

On Tuesday I decided to try a test run and set out for a 4 miler.  I managed 2 before the pain made me walk. 

I’ve decided to abandon the rest of this week’s runs, stretch and role the injury and hope for rhe best on Sunday.

I’m back!

No idea what week this is now, but the schedule is pretty much out the window anyway.  After my last update I kept up with my midweek runs, but collecting my eldest two from Scout/Guide camp meant I deferred the long run until Tuesday.

Unfortunately life got in the way then and a family crisis meant I only got one run in that week, 3 miles on a treadmill on the Friday.

Then we were off to Cornwall for a lovely holiday.  I did manage two cliff path runs (well run/walks, I don’t do hills!).   On the second week I fell awkwardly and jarred my knee which meant the 11 mile long run I had planned didn’t happen.

Better views than a treadmill!

Better views than a treadmill!


Back in Warrington a cold hard look at the schedule made me realise I don’t have long left and I really had to buck my ideas up.

I ran 4 miles on Tuesday, but set off too fast and set myself back again mentally.   The 3 treadmill miles on Friday were really tough mentally as I never felt I could keep running.

4 miles through the park on Saturday cheered me up, especially as one of the mile split times started with a 9! (9:59 mins per mile, but still sub 10).

Sunday was a beautiful day and after sorting out the garden I set off to run 10 miles.    I chose a route I’ve done before in half marathon training.   It includes the only hill in Warrington,  so I figured if I can get round this I can probably finish the half.  My hubby came with me.  As he’s still injured he rode a bike and really helped me to keep going in the last few really tough miles.

At the top of the hill

So today I’m very proud of myself for completing the 10 miles, just don’t ask me to stand up too quickly.